About Us

About Us


I've always had a love and connection with the outdoors. Therefore, I have launched into making outdoor products designed to meet and exceed the needs for these passions and share them with other outdoor enthusiasts like myself. I am committed to design, manufacture and distribute top quality product.

The simple story of the creation of our company and brand name.

The idea of creating and owning my own little company has been brewing in my head over the last 25 years. I was not sure as to when and what circumstances my path would take me to finally take a deep breath, committee and go for it. Having over 30 years in the outdoors and 20 years' experience in fabrication, product design and manufacturing, the time has finally arrived to do just that. I have listened, studied, watched, participated in and learned what is needed to succeed. More importantly to experience, I have the drive, the passion and desire to create cutting edge product gained from years spent in the field enjoying the resources that have been put here for us to enjoy.

The Name.

While on a business trip to Ontario Canada with a client and now good friend, we passed through many small quaint little towns, the towns you see in the movies that you think are so picturesque. I was in love with everything I was seeing. For me personally, it simply is one of the most beautiful areas I have witnessed. As we were traveling we talked about new products, favorite pass times, hobbies, fish stories, and of course Hockey. As we continued down the road, we passed a sign that read "Muskoka city limits". Muskoka I said, I like that name, what does it mean…. Muskoka? Already being emotionally connected to the beauty I was witnessing and the story I was told about the name it clicked. I finally had the company name I wanted, Muskoka Lifestyle Products. This is the lifestyle I live and I am passionate about sharing it with others. We take great pride in designing products to compliment this relaxed family oriented atmosphere and lifestyle.

Muskoka Mission statement.

Muskoka Lifestyle Products Mission statement and our guaranty to all customers, suppliers, friends and family. Muskoka Lifestyle Products is excited to announce the launch of our company and hope to earn your loyalty and trust in quality product for years to come. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond what is needed to ensure quality, on time delivery, with cost effective designs. We will not jeopardize the quality or performance of any of our designs in an attempt to be the "cheapest" and lowest price. Integrity in our company is built on our promise. With our combined experience we are confident we will stay on top with innovation and cutting edge product with the understanding that our customers will make all this possible and will remain our #1 focus.

What drives our passion and what makes us capable.

Muskoka Lifestyle Products is a brand oriented arm of our design firm "MRP Design Engineering". Here at Muskoka we have highly energetic and an extremely talented team devoted to creating leading edge and innovative products designed by people that share the same outdoorsman's passions and are avid users of the product we create.

The Muskoka Guaranty to you is simply this. We will put our customer's needs first. We will insure on time delivery to the best of our capability's. We will deliver only quality product that is meant to give the end user the best experience possible. We will listen to our customers and respond in a timely manner to their needs. We understand fully that you need to be able to count on us as suppliers as much as we count on you. This is our word and our guaranty to you.