SunWave 2000W 220-240V Commercial Infrared Heater

SunWave 2000W 220-240V Commercial Infrared Heater



- SunWave 2000W 220-240V Commercial Infrared Heater

- Widley used in Horse stables, Work shops, Work benches, Patios

- Over sized reflector to give an even larger heat zone.

- Comes wil wll mountin bracket.

- High heat out put

- Water Proof IP24 certified. 

- Dimensions 24" long X 12" tall X 15" Deep

- 220- 240 V 2000W 9 Amp 60Hz

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Our heater provides instant, clean heat the second you turn it on. Its infrared heat technology will not be affected by wind or any other weather that you may have. SunWave 2000 Watt IR heater does not omit toxic exhaust like a natural gas or propane heater will which makes these types of heaters the most environmentally friendly and safe to use heater on the market. No need to worry of combustible tanks and gas lines, simply plug in and instantly enjoy the comfort of the infrared heat. Infrared heat is a directional heat and heats the objects around and in turn, the objects heat the air. This is known as "Ambient heat". In addition to Infrared heat, we have taken advantage of the ambient heat from the casing. We have engineered this heater with a heavy duty aluminum housing to act as a heat sink that rapidly dissipates heat from the IR element itself. This improves ambient heating properties by up to 80% compared to similar heaters. Simply aim the SunWave in the direction you need heat and enjoy the comfort of the sun anytime you need it. SunWave 2000 Can be easily mounted to any wall or attached to multiple choices of stands (sold separately) with the mounting bracket included with this heater. Our stands make this a portable to take the heat easily anywhere you need it. SunWave 2000 is IP65 rated which means it can be used in harsh environments such as Dusty shops, garages, warehouses etc. It is also weather proof and can be used in Rain, Snow or any other outdoor application were weather is a problem for the other heaters. Features & Benefits: • Perfect for patios, decks, hot tub & BBQ areas, garages, warehouses and workshops • Comes with Adjustable wall mount bracket. Two stands are available for the Solar Comfort sold separate. • Weather Proof IP65 rating. Highest rating possible for harsh environments. Indoor/Outdoor • Indoor and outdoor use. • Dimensions: 34" X 5.5" X 8" • Weight: 20 LBS • Outdoor Range: 15' plus in line of sight • Color: Black • Voltage: 220~240V • Wattage: 2000 W-60Hz 8.5 Amp 90 day warranty covering factory defects

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